xonershirt- Official Lucas Gio No-No Shirt

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Official Lucas Gio No-No Shirt

James credits friends like former Teen Vogue editor in chief Elaine  Official Lucas Gio No-No Shirt Welteroth and stylist Eric McNeal with getting her through a sense of isolation brought on by the pandemic. “My friends and I will just ride our bikes by each other’s houses,” she says. “I’ll get these texts, and suddenly it’s like I’m seven years old again—I’ll open the door and find Eric there with candy asking me how I’m doing. It makes me well up sometimes because it is this beautiful human connection.” For Welteroth, though, James is the glue that holds their group together. “We bonded as women, and as Black women, within this business to build a sisterhood based on mutual respect and admiration,” says Welteroth, who has been helping James with outreach for the Pledge project. “There is this deep loyalty and desire to see each other win.”

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