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MacK Colorado Hockey Shirt

Who can forget the indelible image of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, MacK Colorado Hockey Shirt wearing a sunshine-yellow plaid suit and shouting “Ugh, as if!” in a repulsed tone? Clueless recently turned 25, and the Amy Heckerling–directed comedy remains an iconic piece of pop culture today. Starring Silverstone as the fashion-obsessed teen Cher Horowitz, the movie is best known for its outstanding clothes (you can thank costume designer Mona May for that). Out of the 64 costumes that Silverstone sports in the film, however, that iconic yellow plaid suit that she wears in one of the opening scenes is the most memorable. Vogue recently chatted with Silverstone to learn more about the backstory of how that famous outfit came to be—and it turns out, it almost didn’t make the cut.

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