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Lewis in ’20 Seattle Baseball Shirt

Looking back, Silverstone says she wasn’t aware of just how good Lewis in ’20 Seattle Baseball Shirt the film’s fashion was at the time of filming. “Before Clueless, I didn’t have any interest or understanding about fashion,” she says. “The clothes are the star of the film—or at least the costar!” The actor does remember, however, the influence that grunge music was having on style in 1995, when the movie was filmed. The genre played a huge influence in her wearing that yellow plaid suit, which consisted of a plaid Dolce & Gabbana skirt with a matching jacket, Mary Jane shoes, white knee-high socks, a white tee, and yellow cardigan. “In the early ’90s, fashion was heavily influenced by Nirvana and Kurt Cobain,” she says of the look. “It’s a nod to a school girl uniform, but in an elevated, chic, very high-fashion way. And it’s so absurd. Immediately you’re transformed and you know the world that you’re in, because that’s not how kids dress to go to school.”

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