xonershirt- Hidin From Biden Shirt

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Hidin From Biden Shirt

Can slow fashion and fast fashion really make happy bedfellows? Cardelli is blunt about the challenges facing emerging brands during the Hidin From Biden Shirt pandemic. “Sustainability and being a brand that’s honest—it comes down to the cycle of payment. If department stores and online stores can be respectful we can go on; if they don’t it’s really hard. Our goal is not to make billions; our goal is to make something timeless to pass down generation to generation.” Those difficulties aside, the collaboration with H&M has left the husband-and-wife duo feeling optimistic about the future. “We love the contamination between two completely different fashion cultures, and the results are super-harmonious,” says Cardelli, “This is not easy to achieve, but it can be a starting point. Together we’re stronger from now on. Fashion needs new discussions and new alliances. This collaboration is something that can speak to this matter a lot.”

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