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Imma Need My Shirt Back Shirt

For slightly longer-term cooperation, Dr. Karp suggests a form of constructive game playing. Have your four-year-old wear a bandana to scare you, and give the bandana a name. Let your child make it part of the bedtime routine by narrating the goofy things it did during the day. “Talk Imma Need My Shirt Back Shirt kindly to it and pretend to feed it,” Dr. Karp suggests. “Silly, I know, but it will help it to become a friend versus a thing that’s covering their face and making it hard to breathe.” If you need your child to wear a more formal mask, Dr. Karp suggests practicing at home, and only requiring it for 15 seconds at first. Then do it again until you’re working up to the child wearing it five or so times a day. Dr. Karp suggests the “gossip” method to reinforce good behaviors (and discourage bad ones): While your child is not looking directly at you, speak (in a loud whisper) about the behavior you like (mask wearing like all the other big kids outside!) and what you dislike (nose picking).

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