xonershirt- Retro Galveston TX Shark Shirt

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Retro Galveston TX Shark Shirt

Truthfully, men’s jeans have always fit me better. I like a little  Retro Galveston TX Shark Shirt slack, I like a little looseness. I don’t like the way women’s jeans contour my body, which feels too hyper-feminine for me. Most women’s jeans feel elastic, like I need to peel them off or they were created in some factory that also creates Tupperware. But these are made for wear-and-tear. They are the perfect jeans, except for one thing: While they hug my butt, there is a gap in between the waist and band. The same thing happens to me with women’s jeans, too, but it’s more extreme on the guy’s denim front. Men have less of a gap when it comes to waist to hip ratio. Typically, I size up so the legs have that just-right bagginess. As for the waist gap? There’s an easy fix here: a simple trip to the tailor. It’s not super-invasive. It’s a tug, a pin, and voila—$15-20 and a few days later, your pants have that snug perfected boyfriend fit. In this case, maybe buying pants made for a boyfriend, along with a little tinkering, is the best bet.

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