xonershirt- Sexy Sixties Savage Shirt

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Sexy Sixties Savage Shirt

Each soap has a personalized feel to it—which makes sense, as Sexy Sixties Savage Shirt  Waldropt does everything herself. “It’s not an overnight thing,” Waldropt says of the two-month-long soap-making process. Each batch can come out slightly different, depending on the climate. “It’s something that takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and research—you really have to enjoy what you’re doing,” she says. The long, solitary process is in high demand as of late, as almost every time one checks the website, the inventory is sold out. The brand’s Instagram is replete with comments from eager customers ready for the email that will alert them of the next soap release. “I can only make so much product because of manpower and space,” Waldropt says.

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