xonershirt- Dancing Mummy halloween dancing shirt

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Dancing Mummy halloween dancing shirt

The scale of the disaster is what I think made these friends in the Dancing Mummy halloween dancing shirt  Beirut fashion community say they were “fine” when in fact their studios and homes have been wrecked. No one is more aware than they are of the bonds of interdependence between the craftspeople, sewers, embroiderers, and goldsmiths they rely on. A glance at Instagram posts from Cynthia Merhej of Renaissance Renaissance shows her impassioned sense of responsibility, urging people to employ and buy locally. Up in Chouf, that’s exactly how Azzam has built his business: seeking out women from Mount Lebanon villages who carry the knowledge of traditional folk embroidery, and training a community to decorate his crisp white cotton blouses and dresses with flowers, fruit, birds and olive branches. He now employs 30 women whose families depend on his growing production.

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