xonershirt- Dabbing Ghost Halloween Shirt

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Dabbing Ghost Halloween Shirt

The tragedy of this latest trauma to befall Beirut on top of Lebanon’s Dabbing Ghost Halloween Shirt banking collapse, collective protests against politicians and the COVID-19 epidemic is inflicting a toll that the international community cannot now ignore. Céline Semaan has given Vogue a definitive list of safe sources to donate to, ensuring that funds benefit Beirut people directly. A government state of emergency has been declared, but there’s another personal way to help too: If you love fashion, and enjoy being certain your money is going into a community, you can choose to buy to support Beirut’s talented designers at MatchesFashion.com. While he was treading through glass and debris in his destroyed home and workplace yesterday, Helou was already texting: “I need to come up with a recovery plan.”

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