radio71shirt- Friends Horror Movie Creepy Shirt

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Friends Horror Movie Creepy Shirt

It took until June for me to bring bright and beautiful things out of my closet again. Part of it was New York’s reopening—cautiously yet optimistically, I wore a  Friends Horror Movie Creepy Shirt  gingham Batsheva dress to sip Aperol spritzes on a sidewalk with my sister. Part of it was the warm weather—the white flowy dress I’d haggled over at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, it turns out, held up much better in a heat wave than Lululemon leggings. But part of it was driven by an innate desire for normalcy and transitively, frivolity. To indulge myself in my beloved pastime of wondering what to wear. Because while we all use fashion for a different means to an end, I use it for escapism. For fun. And I can’t think of anything I need more right about now.

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