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Being a patron of the ballet was Harkness’s passion: in her obituary, Bunny fuck corona shirt she’s credited with supporting the Joffrey and Jerome Robbins ballet. She even started a company of her own in 1964: the Harkness Ballet. But the result was disastrous. She poured money into Harkness House, a dance studio meant to mimic the grandeur of European ballet schools, outfitting it with a marble staircase, silk shades, and a crystal chandelier. (Her reasoning was thus: ”I hope the beauty of Harkness House will persuade some of these people that ballet need not be dingy and that by their patronage they are contributing to the splendid and glamorous.”) Yet disagreements over artistic direction led to the company’s disbanding in 1970. It’s estimated she spent the 2020 equivalent of $86 million on the endeavor.

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