xonershirt- Sewing Skull Halloween Shirt

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Sewing Skull Halloween Shirt

They finally pulled up to the location of the event—a house that didn’t look quite like your average venue. When Briana walked in, she saw rose petals and pictures of her with Kris throughout the space. “He walked me out onto the balcony—we were in Malibu so it was beautiful! Sewing Skull Halloween Shirt  and he dropped down on one knee. I was so in shock I’m not even sure I heard most of his proposal. As I said yes all of our close friends popped out from behind a wall where they had just watched the whole thing. I nearly fell to the ground, overwhelmed with emotion. To have this man that I was so in love with ask me to be his wife and then have our best friends there felt like a dream. He nailed it.”

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