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I'm Twentyish And You're Not Shirt

Katiuscia Williams fell in love with fashion at church. Her mother commissioned bright ensembles from local seamstresses in their hometown of Miami and Williams was enchanted by the bold styles. She also credits her love I’m Twentyish And You’re Not Shirt of what she calls “high-effect palettes, patterns, and materials,” to the fact that she grew up in a Caribbean household. Williams knew from a very young age that fashion was a world in which she wanted to live and work, and so she enrolled in Miami’s Design and Architecture Senior High School, studying fine arts and fashion design. Williams went on to Parsons where she concentrated in knitwear, learning how to operate both domestic and industrial knitting machines. As she explains it, from there, her “work began to examine themes such as the misrepresentation of race and gender through fashion design and textile art.”

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